Isaac Garfield MSS, LCSW - Psychotherapy, Groups, & Coaching

A Holistic Approach to Psychotherapy

When working with clients I utilize a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions that treat the whole person.  I pay attention to the feelings a person is having, how and what they think about, unresolved conflict and trauma, the quality of current relationships, and activities of daily living.  

I use interventions that focus on emotional processing, problem solving, bolstering realistic and positive thinking, forming healthy habits,  addressing unresolved conflict and trauma, developing supportive and enjoyable relationships, and family therapy when needed. 

Adults who have worked with me report feeling more:

  • Relaxed,
  • Confidant,
  • Happy,
  • Focused and clear,
  • And less reactive when upset.

For helpful information related to my work with adults see: 


Child and Family Therapy

My background in working with children, adolescents and families includes 21/2 years as a preschool teacher and over 6 years of training and supervision in working with individuals and families.

I see children and adolescents individually and often incorporate parents or other important family members to increase the effectiveness of my work.

Here's a blog post from a visit I took to the Philadelphia School this winter to teach a mindfulness based song and read  "Peaceful Piggy Meditation"

For helpful information related to parenting see: Why Won't They Listen? Understanding Your Child's Behavior
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