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Enhancing Relationships Men’s Group: 
Tools for becoming a successful professional, romantic partner, family member and friend

We are dependent on relationships for our happiness and health, yet so many of us struggle with them.  In a safe and confidential environment, men in this skill based therapy group will be guided in working through the challenges they are having in romantic, family and peer relationships.

Participants will identify a specific relationship they are struggling with or a category of relationships (eg. romantic, friendships, work etc.) outside of the group, and, with support, determine measurable goals to develop or improve these relationships.  Group sessions will incorporate mindfulness training, identifying emotional needs in relationships, listening and communication skills to achieve the desired goals. The group will support each member's integrity through holding each other accountable in a way that inspires and motivates action. In between sessions participants will talk with one other member as a form of support and accountability for completing the identified relationship goal.
Special topics for individual and multiple group sessions have included race and anti-racism, sex, intimacy, fathers and body image to name a few.

To connect as a group in person during the pandemic we will begin our meetings with a 4-hour outdoor gathering on August 16th in the Wissahickon (with masks and socially distanced). We will continue with bi-weekly Zoom meetings beginning Monday August 24th from 7:30-9:00PM.  The group series also includes 2 additional outdoor meetings and a mindfulness intensive- these will be scheduled based on participants and co-leaders shared availability. The group will run through January 20th, 2021. 
*A second group beginning at a later start date may be added if there is enough interest. 

About the co-leaders:
Isaac Garfield lcsw has led men’s groups in both private and institutional settings for the past 10 years.  In addition to his clinical work he has co-led research on men’s friendships and talks on men, mindfulness, and relationships for local workshops and national conferences.  
Nathan Schlingmann has co-led the group for 2 years. He brings a mindful approach and leadership training skills that helps clients transform their careers and relationships. 
Start date: August 16, 2020
Cost for 6 months (3 outdoor meetings, 12 bi-weekly intensive zoom sessions and a mindfulness intensive: $1100 (payment plan options and 1 sliding scale spot/group is available)

For questions and/or registration please contact: 
Isaac Garfield at (215) 366-0184
Nate Schlingmann at (267) 277-2412

Past groups:

Enhancing Relationships: Philadelphia Men's Group 

We are dependent on relationships for our happiness and health. Yet so many of us struggle with them.  In a safe and confidential environment, men in this skill and relational based therapy group will be guided in working through the challenges they may be having in romantic, friend, family, and work relationships.
Developing an understanding of cognitive, psychodynamic and social influences through tutorial, reflection, and optional reading, participants are supported in working through internal conflicts that are at play in these relationships. They learn to more effectively communicate their needs and listen to others using relationships within the group.  In addition group participants are trained to use mindfulness and meditation to manage overwhelming feelings which often cause them to avoid confrontation or act out in relationships.

In summary, group participants will develop their skills in

-Communication: learning to identify and ask for what they want in a way that is effective and empowering
-Listening: Learning to be fully present with others on an emotional level while maintaining boundaries so as to not get emotionally overwhelmed.
-Mindfulness and Meditation: learning to manage intense feelings in relationships (e.g. anger, fear, sadness, jealousy)

12-week series plus with half day wilderness excursion for new group members and a half-day mindfulness intensive (held at Springboard Studio in Mt Airy)

Date: Starts Monday February 17, 2020 from 730-9pm 
Frequency: 3 Mondays in a row (or a Sunday in between) and then meets biweekly
Location: 255 S 17th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103
Cost: $900 for beginner group (includes optional mindfulness intensive and wilderness outing).  Payment plans available

This group runs in collaboration with the work being done at the Men's Center for Growth and Change. Please see link for more information about this organization. 

About the co-facilitators:

Isaac Garfield lcsw has lead men’s groups in both private and institutional settings over the 9 years that he has been in practice.  In addition to his clinical work he has co-led research on men’s friendships and talks on men, mindfulness, and relationships at local workshops and national conferences.  

Nathan Schlingmann: professional counselor and certified mindfulness instructor trained at Naropa University in transpersonal counseling.  He has worked with individuals and groups, in mental health settings and as a career counselor.

“Ready to Launch Group” young adult mens group in Bala Cynwyd, PA September 2017
Dr. Robert Garfield, author of Breaking the Male Code: Unlocking the Power of Friendship, and Isaac Garfield, LCSW are continuing their series of “Ready to Launch Men’s Groups” in collaboration with Dr. Michael Ascher.
Their model integrates mindfulness training along with relationship and communication skill development. The group will provide participants with essential tools to help move them towards greater independence in their lives.
The group is appropriate for those who have suffered from substance use disorders with co-occurring anxiety, depression, ADHD, and/or relationship difficulties. The purpose of the group is to help participants feel more connected to others that are going through similar life struggles.
Members of the group will range roughly from 20- 35 years of age. All members are required to be in their own weekly individual therapy with a clinician of their choosing in the community.
For a more complete understanding of the type of clients this group will serve, please read this piece published in the Huffington Post last year.
Functions of the Group:
To provide a safe environment for individuals to begin opening up emotionally and working through issues.
To learn mindfulness skills that can improve attention, clarity, and help with managing stress
To support each other to learn and utilize life skills and goal setting.
To encourage accountability and responsibility to self and others through regular attendance.
To improve emotional self-awareness, emotional self-control, communications skills, assertiveness skills and practicing healthy, mutually respectful relationships.
To provide a forum for support and feedback regarding personal issues, treatment goals and recovering from setbacks.
To improve executive functioning skills.
To allow participants to express and therefore normalize the experiences that in the past have created a sense of shame and isolation, leading to increased self-acceptance.
To provide an opportunity to be praised and rewarded for progress and achievements, thus leading to increased self-esteem.
Location and Time
The group will meet either on a Monday or Thursday in the afternoon or early evening and will be held at 191 Presidential Blvd. Suite W10. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004. Exact time will be decided based on the time that is most convenient for participants.
Thank you. We are happy to respond to any and all questions you have about our group and how we
collaborate with other therapists.
Rob Garfield MD. and  Isaac Garfield LCSW.
610-915-8197              484-278-1391

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